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San José del Cabo - Activities

San José del Cabo Activities

You can, if you like, just hang out in the shady Plaza Mijares licking down a helado (ice cream) or knocking back a cold cerveza (beer) - wowsers please substitute a refresco (soft drink) here. But try to ease yourself upright at least a couple of times during your stay to do some more-energetic outdoor activities. Swimming, snorkelling and surfing are popular time-killers along the sandy edge of the bay. Near the beach is a nine-hole golf course (reasonably priced) and a batch of tennis courts (unreasonably priced, particularly for night-time hits), while mountain bikers will find the surrounding hills are alive with fellow enthusiasts. A truly seasonal pursuit, conducted both from the beach and in deeper water, is fishing: dorado, striped marlin and tuna are hooked from January to April; mid-year catches include roosterfish and wahoo; and end-of-year rods are bent by blue marlin and sailfish.

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