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San José del Cabo - Getting there & away, getting around

San José del Cabo - Getting there & away

Getting around San José del Cabo

A taxi from the airport to either downtown San José del Cabo or the zona hotelera will cost about N$50 (US$5) per person or up to N$150 (US$15) for the whole cab. You can get to the airport by bus from the terminal on Valerio González Conseco for less than N$10 (US$1), though you'll be dropped off at the airport junction on the Transpeninsular Highway, from where it's a 25-minute walk to the terminal.

Footpower is the locally preferred mode of transport around San José del Cabo, due to the town's small dimensions and the relatively short walk (30 minutes) between Plaza Mijares and the zona hotelera. If you're heading out of town to one of the nearby beaches, you'll need to choose between catching a bus or taxi. Good multi-day deals on rental cars are available from local representatives of the major international car-hire firms. The nearest place that hires mountain bikes is the trailer park at Zipper's Beach, where you can get a set of wheels for the day for N$200 (US$20).

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