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San José del Cabo - Further reading

Further reading on San José del Cabo

  • Just to prove that there's a lot to see in Baja California, Bruce Berger spent 30 years exploring the peninsula and entertainingly recounts his wanderings in Almost an Island: Travels in Baja California.
  • To get a colourful (and B&W) photographic overview of Baja's prehistoric rock art, check out Cave Paintings of Baja California by Harry Crosby.
  • A primary source on the missionary invasion is Father Johann Jakob Baegert's Observations in Lower California, originally published in 1771, four years after King Carlos III of Spain expelled the Jesuits from Baja (and all other Spanish holdings worldwide) in reaction to the order's growing wealth and influence.
  • The Baja Catch by Neil Kelly and Gene Kira is the local fishing enthusiast's version of the Gutenberg Bible.

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