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Tokelau - Facts for the traveller, when to go, events

Facts for the traveller for Tokelau

Visas: Visitor permits are issued by the Tokelau Apia Liaison Office in Samoa (NZ$20 one-month stay); consent to visit must be given by the village taupulega, accommodation must be arranged prior to departure and a return ticket to Samoa must be booked.
Time: GMT/UTC -11
Dialling Code: 690
Electricity: 240V ,50Hz
Weights & measures: Metric

When to Go to Tokelau

The best time to visit Tokelau is April to October, when the rain eases off a little and the easterly trade winds bring some relief from the heat.

Tokelau Events

Tokelau observes New Zealand's public holidays (notably New Year's Day, Waitangi Day on 6 February, Anzac Day on 25 April, the Queen's Birthday in June and Labour Day in October), as well as the standard holidays of the Christian calendar. Two village holidays are designated by the three island councils annually.

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