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Tokelau - Introduction

Introduction to Tokelau

Want to get away from it all? Head off to Tokelau, where there's no capital city, no airport, no harbour, no cars, no banks, no guns and no tourism. There are plenty of islands - 127 of 'em - plus fantastic lagoon diving and Polynesian culture at its most untouched.

Full country name: Tokelau
Area: 12 sq km
Population: 1,500
Capital City: N/A
People: Polynesian
Language: English, Tokelau
Religion: 70% Congregational Church, 28% Roman Catholic
Government: Non-selfgoverning territory under NZ administration
Head of Government: Head of Tokelau (Ulu o Tokelau) Kolouei O'Brien
GDP: US$630,000
GDP per capita: US$420
Major Industries: Philately, copra, handicrafts, fishing licences.
Major Trading Partners: New Zealand.

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