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Tokelau - Money & Costs

Money & Costs in Tokelau

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

The local Tokelauan coinage is largely aimed at the collector market. There are no banks on Tokelau, so bring cash (NZ dollars or Samoan talas).

Accommodation must be arranged before you arrive in Tokelau, either with a hotel or local family. There are two places to stay on Nukunonu, and one place each on Fakaofo and Atafu; facilities are unsurprisingly basic. You could camp on the atolls' more remote islets; get permission before you visit though, as all the islands are owned.

Each atoll has a small co-op store where you can buy processed food and basic supplies. Otherwise, you could negotiate the purchase of fish, vegetables and coconuts with the taupulega; if you're staying in accommodation or with a local family, meals will be provided.

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