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Further reading on Uganda

  • Uganda Since Independence by Phares Mutibwa and Uganda: Landmarks in Rebuilding a Nation, by various authors, are both useful but dry accounts of the country's recent history.
  • Fong and the Indians by Paul Theroux is set in a fictional East African country which bears a remarkable likeness to Uganda. It's set in pre-civil war days and is at times both funny and bizarre, detailing the life of a Chinese immigrant and his dealings with the Asians who control commerce in the country.
  • Uganda: From the Pages of Drum is an interesting compilation of articles which appeared in the now defunct Drum magazine. These chronicle the rise of Idi Amin and the atrocities he committed, and current president Museveni's bush war and rise to power.
  • Ian Clarke's The Man With the Key Has Gone! is a recent account of the time spent in the Luwero Triangle district (due north of Kampala) by a British doctor and his family.
  • The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden is a must for every visitor planning a trip to Uganda. This bestseller chronicles the experience of Idi Amin's personal doctor as he slowly finds himself becoming confidant to the dictator. It is based on a true story and affords the reader a number of unusual insights into life in Uganda under Amin.

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