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Ukraine Activities

Kiev's oldest standing church is the Byzantine St Sophia Cathedral, built in 1017-31 in honor of Prince Yaroslav's victory over the Perchenges

The best prospects for hiking, trekking and camping are in Crimea and the Carpathians in the south-west, along with a few scattered national parks. In south-west Crimea, easy hikes lead to the cave cities of Chuft-Kale and Manhup-Kale. Other Crimean trekking highlights include the 300m (985ft) Bolshoy Kanyon and the Dzhur-Dzhur and Uchansu waterfalls. With a good map you can walk anywhere in the Carpathians, where most of the territory is uninhabited and very scenic. A good place to start is the Carpathian State National Park, about 55km (35mi) south-west of Kolomyya and 500km (310mi) south-west of Kiev. Boat trips down the Dnipro from Kiev to Odessa are a fun and relaxing way to see the country.

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