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Ukraine - Facts for the traveller, when to go, events

Facts for the traveller for Ukraine

The red-roofed mausoleum of Dzhanike-Khanym, daughter of Toktamysh, the last powerful ruler of the Golden Horde, Crimea Visas: All visitors (except Russia and some nearby CIS countries) need visas. 'Emergency' visas good for 72 hours are available at border posts, and a one month visa can be obtained on arrival at Kiev's Boryspil Airport. Passenger may be required to show a legitimate invitation from an official sponsor in Ukraine.
Health risks: Cholera, Diphtheria, Lyme Disease
Time: GMT/UTC +2
Dialling Code: 380
Electricity: 220V ,50Hz
Weights & measures: Metric

When to Go to Ukraine

The best time to go to Ukraine is in spring (late April to early June), when the trees and flowers are in bloom. During this season attractions are less crowded and rainfall is lighter than in summer. The beaches at Odessa and Crimea are packed in summer (July and August). Winter (December and January) is cold and snowy, so travellers should be prepared to don thick wool sweaters and eat their vegetables pickled.

Ukraine Events

Ukrainians place gifts under fir trees and sing holiday songs for New Year's Day. The country celebrates Orthodox Christmas Day on 7 January. Paskha (Easter) is the main festival of the Orthodox Church year, beginning with midnight services and continuing with parades around village churches throughout the country. In Lviv, the National Virtuoso fills the month of May with musical and theatrical performances focussing on national themes. The capital celebrates spring during Kiev Days, held the last weekend in May. In August, Crimea fetes itself at Yalta's Crimean Stars. On 28 August, religious pilgrims flock to the monastery in Pochayiv for the Feast of the Assumption. Cities and towns honour Independence Day on 24 August with performances and special events.

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