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Further reading on Ukraine

  • Taras Shevchenko's first collection of poems, Kobzar (The Bard), helped make Ukrainian the national tongue.
  • An outstanding example of Ukraine's long tradition of social realist literature is Panas Myrnyi's Khiba revut voly? (Do Oxen Roar?).
  • Among the works Anton Chekov wrote during his sojourn in Yalta are The Cherry Orchard and The Three Sisters.
  • Among the best known works of early 20th century writer and philosopher Ivan Franko are The Turnip Farmer and During Work.
  • An infamous anti-Semitic episode that foreshadowed the Holocaust in Ukraine is detailed in The Beilis Transcripts: The Anti-Semitic Trial That Shook the World.
  • The engineered famine of the early 1930s is described firsthand in Miron Dolot's Execution by Hunger: The Hidden Holocaust, and is detailed in prose and images in Harvard University's catalogue of Famine in the Soviet Ukraine 1932-1933: A Memorial Exhibition.
  • Scandalous winner of two major Australian literary awards, The Hand That Signed the Paper by Helen Demidenko is a fictionalised account of the Ukrainian holocaust during WWII. The author claimed that she was the daughter of illiterate Ukrainian emigres; she was later found to be the daughter of Mr& Mrs Darville from Scunthorpe, England, and to have plagiarised significant portions of her novel.
  • Get the academic perspective on the political scene in Ukraine in Democratic Changes and Authoritarian Reactions in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

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