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Ukraine - Money & Costs

Money & Costs in Ukraine

Taras Shevchenko, the national poet, looks out over Kiev University's classical buildings Currency: Ukraine Hryvnia
  • Budget: US$1-3
  • Mid-range: US$3-8
  • High: US$8+

  • Lodging
  • Budget: US$5-15
  • Mid-range: US$15-25
  • High: US$25+

  • Food is ridiculously cheap in Ukraine, and accommodation isn't much more, especially outside Kiev. You can travel comfortably for around US$50 a day, though prices are 15-30% higher in the capital. If you stick to mid-range restaurants and hotels, you can expect to spend around US$30 a day. If you self-cater, share accommodation and rely solely on public transport you can reduce your costs even further.

    Exchange kiosks have the best rates, while hotels generally have the worst. Hard currency can be changed into grynia anywhere, but travellers cheques credit cards are only accepted at certain banks and exchange offices in a few larger cities. You'll need to bring wads of cash, the most commonly accepted being the US dollar and German mark. Using hard currency in restaurants and retail shops has been officially banned, but many services aimed at foreign tourists are exempt from this ruling and expect hard currency.

    At upscale tourist-oriented eateries, a tip of about 5-10% is expected; many include a 5% service charge in your bill, and you can add a bit more for excellent service. Haggling at the country's many food, art, souvenir and craft markets is expected and sometimes fierce.

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